Tried setting up a book library called Calibre but was frustrated that I had to use commands to add books to my library.

Looking for a free (Open source is a plus but not necessary) book server that meets these requirements:

  1. Only needs a directory to search for books from and has an easy start: you know, something like mylibrary --library ../books.
  2. Works on Linux and is headless (so I can manage over ssh)
  3. Ideally less than 2gb ram for under 50 books.
  4. Encrypted / password protected library but no complicated user setup.
  5. Sends content directly over the internet so I can connect by web browser with no special software.
  6. Automatic bookmarking/picking up where I left off for each book
  7. Good GUI for web browsing - I couldn't get calibre to let me change pages without taking me back to the TOC!


  1. Some caching/ways of reducing data use for client.
  2. Nice aesthetic library index (like a pseudo book shelf) for client.
  3. Installation via apt for server.

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