I am looking for a solution to host my own disposable email server.

Like yopmail, or temp-mail.

Does someone know of an open source solution?

I saw:


But its seem very big for me. I prefer a simple solution.

Maybe a library for Python?


  • The answer possible : Make a catch-all and use hmailserver
    – Eva exe
    Commented Feb 10, 2021 at 12:58

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GuerrillaMail.com is very similar to the sites you mention, and the core of it appears to be this open source project:


It's not a turnkey solution, but it could be a good start toward building your own version.


If you are looking for disposable inboxes, try https://inboxen.org/

If you are looking for disposable addresses, try https://simplelogin.io/

Both are open source and can be self-hosted.


I am not sure what your requirements to disposable are, but you could have a look at the dockerized version of mailcow. It contains everything you need for a mailsetup.


If what you are looking for it to have a domain name (@example.com) you control receive email, no matter what username is ([email protected], `[email protected]', etc...) but be able to access its content.

If it's not as important a requirement that you host your own server, sounds that what you need is an easy to manage DNS/mail routing system.

I use the ZoneEdit.com DNS service, it's free tier, which has mailmaps. It allows me to setup subdomains as well as wildcard matching, so I have disposable addresses for all of my house hold:

- *@junk.example.com
- *@junk.wife.example.com
- *@junk.son.example.com

This way I also have multiple domains, and they are router accordingly to the end mailbox without polluting my identity online.

Of course you can tie this with any mail-server of your choice, self-hosted or otherwise.

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