Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for either a website or a piece of software useful for recording information on things you're trying to compare?

Examples: Looking for a house - would be nice to be able to have a list of candidates where each record contains:

  • (Text) Address
  • (Image) Main Photo
  • (Image) Floorplan Photo
  • (Image Gallery) Slideshow of other photos
  • (Text) Price Range
  • (Text) Description
  • (Text) Comment

But looking for something flexible where the particular fields can be defined by the user. I guess basically a database CRUD app that's pre-built, customisable and with some auto-formatted GUI?

Ideally it would allow you to:

  • Define a type of item with an arbitrary number of fields (text, numbers, images, etc)
  • Be able to fill out a form to create a new item, adding it to a master list
  • Be able to see the master list in some kind of graphical view (each item as a card, or as a row in a table, etc)
  • Be able to see each item in a full-page GUI view with all fields present & editable (maybe some way the view can be customised by dragging fields into specific orders?)
  • Be able to scroll from one item to the next

It's something I've used MS Access for in the past but it's a bit tedious and I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything simpler?

  • Welcome on the site. Great first question, IMHO. Commented Feb 9, 2021 at 9:48


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