I'm looking for a Linux for a decent photo manager that will be able to work with local storage (NAS). Just a few requirements:

  • index large photo/video collection (> 100k photos)
  • search by EXIF metadata / keywords
  • photo tagging
  • grouping photos into collections
  • exporting photos

I've tried darktable/digikam but I'm not very happy with that. No need to a full photo (RAW) editor with Lightroom capabilities.

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    You should explain why you are not happy with darktable and digikam. – pLumo Feb 8 at 7:12
  • @pLumo Terrible UX. I gotta admit I haven't tested the latest versions, only what's available in Ubuntu apt repositories. Darktable doesn't really have seach capabilities which is ok for a RAW editor. digikam is trying to bundle too many features into a single program, it's slow to respond and often not responding. – Tombart Feb 8 at 12:56
  • gThumb might fulfill most of your requirements, although the performance with very large folders may depend on the speed of the filesystem/PC I'm afraid. – Sebastian Feb 24 at 22:51
  • @Sebastian Thanks, gThumb looks promising. Search capabilities are quite limited, but browsing seems to be fast. – Tombart Feb 25 at 18:06

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