I have been using Performance Monitor to monitor CPU usage in the taskbar notification area, with one icon per logical CPU. Now I upgraded from a 4 core / 8 thread to a 10 core / 20 thread processor, and Performance Monitor is taking up too much space (~ 470 pixels with my settings) for my taste.

Is there an alternative which also shows each logical CPU's usage, but squeezes more than one into each icon (4 per icon would be nice, but 2 would be okay too)?

Ideally, like Performance Monitor, it should show a history graph, but that's not a requirement.

Fallback: Instead of each logical CPU, it could live with one icon for the average, and one for the maximum of all. Windows Task Manager already does the former, so I'd only need a tool for the maximum.



I implemented it myself: TaskbarBarChart. It shows history, can squeeze multiple charts into one icon (using the -chartAndGapWidths parameter). And by tuning the script block passed to its -cmd parameter, a preprocessing (which I am going to add soon) could reduce the number of values to show. I am planning to sort the logical CPUs by usage, leave the top 5 as-is, group the others in groups of three, and show the average per group. So 5 icons of single CPUs plus 5 icons of 3-CPU groups => 10 icons. Using two charts per icon (-chartAndGapWidths ('7,-2,7')) => 5 icons.

However, it still has a major bug (for which I opened issue #1 and could use some help).

Open Hardware Monitor

While searching for that bug, I stumbled over Open Hardware Monitor. It shows only physical cores, i.e. 10 on my 10 core / 20 thread computer. The notification icon feature is a little hidden: Every entry in its main window tree structure has a context menu with "Show in Tray". It does not seem to have a history, just the most recent single value.

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