I want to search in hex for 00 [01-ff] [01-ff] [01-ff] 00. I tried the following editors:

  • Notepad++ with hex plugin
  • HxD
  • XVI32
  • Far Manager with hex plugin
  • 010
  • WinMerge

No hex editor allows searching in hex mode with wildcards/regex. Is there any hex editor which has this feature?

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I can recommend my Hextor ( https://github.com/digitalw0lf/hextor/releases/latest ). It supports searching for patterns similar to RegExp for binary data, for example:


This means: zero byte; than unsigned 8-bit values, not zero, 3 times; than zero.
You can use arbitrary ranges, like {float:1.0..1.5}. See docs.

Hextor is my pet project, it's freeware.

  • Great! This is what I am looking for! Can you please explain your expression in brackets especially the first one? u8= ? :!0 = not zero :3 = three times
    – musbach
    Feb 28, 2021 at 11:40

Sorry, I was wrong. 010 can search in hex mode with wildcards:


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