For my final year project, I will be developing website and database for a property management company case study.I have chosen react native to develop the front-end. What back-end technologies will be suitable to integrate with such a react native app?

  • They're pretty much separate in a typical client-server architecture. First choose your backend stack, then choose a DB accordingly. Also, and most important for this site, be sure to document all the features you may need for this database server.
    – Alejandro
    Feb 5 '21 at 0:49
  • As Alejandro says, your front-end is completely separate from the back-end, so you can choose any backend technology. You can interface with the backend using Axios. Some common backend frameworks are: node.js (specifically express.js or sails.js), or .net core. Various database that you can integrate with are: MongoDB, MySql, MSSQL.
    – hcham1
    Feb 16 '21 at 14:16

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