Purpose: I'm being tasked with writing some Python scripts capable of recognizing & capturing receipts from a printer, loading them to an external server which will in turn feed them through Azure Cognitive Services for OCR.

Objective requirements: The library or combination of libraries needs to support a variety of common,small scale, wireless, web enabled cameras and needs to be capable of:

a) Detecting receipts from other visible objects.

b) automatically capturing high quality images of the receipts when identified.

c) saving & sending image files to external storage in real time.

Question: Can some please provide some suggestions on which libraries + camera drivers etc (or other tooling, IoT etc) would be sutiable? Please include a list with links to documentation. I understand OpenCV is used pretty widely but I'm not clear if this library alone meets all the requirements.

I see only 1 similar post here that does not really address the requirements of my project.

Python library for taking camera images

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