While we have a tag for , that's not exactly what I am looking for.

I have a 12tB drive which is almost full (don't ask), which I fear contains many duplicated, or almost duplicated directories (including sub-directories, so .directory trees).

It may be that a file or two has been added, a READ_ME.txt has been deleted, or an .INI file has been updated in a directory which I had previously accidentally copied.

While substantially identical, those directories would not be identified as duplicates by tools which I know.

I am seeking a tool which will help me identify directories which I might want to examine and consider merging them or deleting one.

So, basically, find directories which are X pre cent or more identical. May allow me to define X, maybe allow me to define file extinctions to compare or exclude (e.g exclude *.ini, but include *.xls).

I don't care too much about the features. I just want something that will flag to me that I might want to take a look.

While I would strongly prefer to find something off the shelf, I fear that this is yet another entry on my personal "code this" list . If you would like such a tool, please add feature requests in comments, in case I do actually ever get round to coding it.


I can't think of an ideal solution, but:

  • Treesize can show you directories sorted by size - it would give you an idea on which folders are similar. It also shows number of files/folders within each folder

enter image description here

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