I regularly produce quarterly reports, analytical summaries, or investment recommendations that include many citations to source documents. Those source documents are often Microsoft Word Documents but also PDFs and Websites. All the files in question are hosted on Dropbox.

I would like others reading the documents I produce to be able to click on the footnote and be taken directly to a highlighted version of the source document showing where the information was taken from. I know how to do this in Adobe Acrobat when linking pdfs to one another. But converting everything to PDFs with highlights, etc is endlessly time consuming, and if the original document changes, it's no longer accurate.

On CapitalIQ's platform, you can drill down into a given number on their digitized financial statements and be linked back to the source document with that figure. Something similar would be great.

What I've looked into so far:

  1. I've also used web.hypothes.is - which works well for linking and commenting on web sites. But that won't work for the majority of my documents.
  2. The dropbox forums mention this solution, but that isn't working for me (inserting a comment on the relevant area, and then trying to link to that comment doesn't seem to be an option - at least the instructions at that link don't work for me).
  3. I'm aware that I can hyperlink to a local document or to a dropbox hosted url within a word document. But if it's a 50 page document or a textbook, linking to the opening page is a start but not really what I'm looking for. I'd prefer to be able to link to the exact page with the relevant area highlighted and potentially annotated.

This is a common enough issue at law firms and other disciplines that I feel like there should be better tools for doing this kind of thing.

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