I a have a business case where i need to store a lot of messages for fixed amount of time. So let's assume

  • 20 messages per second, each message is quite small and has at most 10-20 columns (about 100 bytes).
  • storage duration of 4 years. After that time old messages can be deleted.
  • stored messages can be deleted and cannot be modified.
  • i need to generate aggregate queries over ranges of the messages - like from each day, but it doesn't need to be fast.

Which DB/storage engine would be best for such scenario.

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    For anyone wondering: 100 byte×20/s ×60s/min ×60 min/h × 24 h/d × 365 d/y × 4y is 252 GB in total before messages get deleted. Other than that, I don't think 20 messages per second is much. Maybe you want to aggregate data on a regular basis and then query for the already aggregated data instead all single values. Jan 28 at 13:36

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