There are a few questions asking for PDF to image conversion. Answers tend to recommend something that can do it, but was not built to do it, such as Libre Office or InkScape.

I am looking for a fully gratis (no trial periods or watermarks) Windows 10 tool which is dedicated to processing PDFs and only that.

Must have:

  • PDF to image

Nice to have, as a bonus:

  • other PDF tools, such as OCR, editing, text export, watermark, combine multiple files into one, split one file into multiple (by page), recover lost password, etc. The more the merrier.
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    What would be the benefit of such a tool over Libre Office or similar? Do you want to automate something? Does it need to run from command line? Jan 28 at 7:24
  • Sorry, while I reazlie that other apps could do it, this is just the way that my mid works. I want adedicated tool (Ordnung muss sein). If I must give a reason, then it is that a dedicated PDF -> JPG app is likely to have more PDF manipulation functionality than a non-decicated one, and one day I might need that functionality, even if I do not neeed it now. Jan 28 at 9:53
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    I also prefer tools dedicated for a job :-) Just wanted to make sure there are no hidden requirements. Are you German? Ist mir noch nie aufgefallen. Jan 28 at 10:42
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    A tricky question. I spent more of my adult life in Germany than in any of the other 15 countries (on 3 continents) where I have lived & worked. So, my attitude, opinions and feelings are probably more German than anything else. Btw, I like the subtle way you asked "Are you German? Ist mir noch nie aufgefallen", carefully avoiding the personal personal pronoun in German :-) mein Name ist Mawg - und ich heisse "Du" ;-) Jan 28 at 13:01

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