I'm looking for a static site generator that supports (preferably all of) the following features:

  • free and open-source
  • is indeed static, i.e., no javascript et al in the generated content, usable with just a text browser; preferably only outputs HTML and CSS
  • has a template that supports dark/light mode/theme
  • supports multilingual versions (same content, multiple languages)
  • supports unicode
  • cross-browser, multi-OS, responsive
  • generated content is webserver-agnostic
  • preferably blog oriented
  • *nix support as it'll be hosted on a *nix VPS
  • minimal dependencies
  • preferably supports tags, multiple per post
  • cruft-free, i don't want to upload 2485395 files for one article
  • preferably supports markdown or similar, although i'm ok with pure HTML
  • preferably actively maintained or stable enough
  • preferably extensible with plugins
  • preferably supports some content flexibility, such as tables, images, links, attachments, ...or allows for HTML usage to compensate
  • preferably minifies output
  • provides clean URLs (not encessarily SEO-friendly, just well-structured)
  • supports ActivityPub federation (this one's a long shot in the dark)

I've tried Jekyll and Hugo but it seems i have to jump through some severe hoops to get the features i want. Qgoda looks promising but haven't looked into it much yet.

These features don't seem all that demanding to me, but finding a tool that checks most of the list is proving to be a chore.

If all else fails i can always resort to my 90s HTML+CSS-fu. :)

  • Turns out hugo supports i18n. – vesperto Jan 25 at 23:19

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