I am looking an application which would handle following issues:

            |                        \
  ------- App_B------               App_C
 /          |        \             /     \
App_BA  Client_1  Client_2      Client_3  Client_4

Descriptions: An application is similar to multiple FTP servers which mirrors their content. But also allows to minimize data which is accessible by FTP in lower in hierarchy based on which clients are accessing that single FTP.

  1. App_Master contains all files for download by all clients. Also will contains all uploaded files by client applications.
  2. App_BA contains only files download by client 5.
  3. App_B contains files for downloading by App_B (thus Cl_5) and client 1, client 2.
  4. All Client apps can upload to their App_X some files, which in the end of the day will appear in App_Master


  1. Access file only if it was completely uploaded/downloaded from/to parent was successful.
  2. Allow download/upload file only if client was verified for file access. Ability to provide the list of clients to whole App structure.
  3. Allow upload file under uploading client credentials
  4. Allow an application to download data from parent application only for clients which are accessing an application (limiting what is downloading from parent - minimizing / specialization of what is offered)
  5. Allow an application to uploaded to parent what was uploaded to an application
  6. Purging files. For clearing file for download / or uploaded after some time period.

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