I want to get my headphone to play totally different audio in each ear of it. I mean: audio_1.mp3 being played in the right ear - and - audio_2.mp3 in the left ear >> from the same device (eg: my laptop). Is that possible? If so, Is there any software for that for Ubuntu Linux?

  • Hi ibrahem. It is definitely possible! I have done this manually by creating a single audio file with completely different sources for each channel. Hopefully someone here will know of a software solution to do it automatically for you. Out of curiosity, what is your application of playing different files in different channels? – RockPaperLz- Mask it or Casket Feb 3 at 2:14
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    @RockPaperLz- Mask it or Casket♦ ==> me and my brother use the same laptop : I split the screen to 2 areas and each of us make his programs appear onTop of screen in his area , also there is a keyboard connected to a USB port , and for mouse cursor, I wrote a python script using PyQt5 and PyAutoGUI to make another cursor (gui) appear on top of screen , and it can be moved using arrow keys when Alt is pressed , left click is made using Backspace+Left ...etc ,,,,,,,,,,,, this is all to make the labtop be used by two persons at the same time, there are still many interrupts but it is fine – ibrahem Feb 4 at 5:52
  • You are a genius! That's wonderfully creative and an incredible use of resources. – RockPaperLz- Mask it or Casket Feb 4 at 7:38
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    ----- Thanks [: – ibrahem Feb 4 at 9:23

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