It seems that most Cloud Synch services require you to store your data in their folder. E.g C:\DropBox C:\Box or maybe C:\Users\<name\<app>

That does not gel with my way of working.

Is there any such service that follows symlinks in Windows? That is, if I put symlinks in their folder to my code, ToDo lists, photos, etc, which are strewn over very large and deep directory trees on multiple partitions, then it the actual data that gets backed up, and not just the symlink files?

I want to synch a Windows PC with an Android device (although, I won't complain if a greater number of devices is supported).

I hope that also means that if, for instance, I add a new password or ToDo list item on my Android deice, that my Windows PC will get the update.

Since I only have a very small amount to data to store, it would be great if I could get 1gB or so for free ;-)

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