I have to create a mailing list. One of those kinds that are used in academia, with just one address through which anybody can share an email with everybody included in the mailing list. I think it's called "discussion list". I've searched online, but basically most of answers usually refer to marketing mailing lists. How do I find a valuable mailing-list of such type?

The mailing list is thought for sharing urban-regeneration related news through an open mailing-list of organizations: universities, privates, foundations. However, the mailing-list is not hosted by a university, and would like to understand a viable alternative. I have found this type of mailing-lists only in academic fields, and wanted to understand whether there was a way for anybody to setup such type of mailing list.

Since I may provide storage space through a server provider, my question includes advice on both ready-made options, as well as third-party applications that could be linked to a specific proprietary website.

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You are looking for mailing list software. There various such are programs, the most common and advanced ones are:

You can configure these programs as you like, for announcements (only a few people can post), for discussions (everybody can post, with or without moderation), filtering, etc. Refer to the software's documentation for more details.

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