I am looking for a tool that shows keypresses and mouse clicks.

My requirements:

  • also for commercial use
  • Show keypresses
  • Show mouse clicks (LMB, RMB)
  • Configurable position and size
  • Multi-Screen support
  • Shows multiple keypresses for a configurable time ("recent key list")

In contrast to some software I already tried, I need:

  • Invisible keys like Shift should show up immediately after being pressed. Some software only shows them after pressing a regular key (Like Shift+S. If I let the invisible key go without pressing a regular button, I want it to disappear immediately and not show up in a recent keypress list
  • Invisible keys like Shift shall be combined with mouse clicks and then stay in the recent key list
  • I don't want keypresses be written as s x2 when I press S 2 times. It is ok to have such a number with the 4th keypress. It must be clear that I have not typed SSpacex4, so it must e.g. be written in a different color or different font.
  • Displays the Space key well, e.g. as ˽

I have tried:

  • Carnac the magnicifent, but it does not show mouse events and writes s x2 which is an ambiguous representation.
  • KeyPosé does not show mouse clicks and just shows a single key in the recent key list. It does replace space by ˽, but not when in combination with an invisible key.
  • PointerFocus is not
  • QiPress is not

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