I am looking for software that can create a smooth "morphing"/transformation between two 3D meshes

Desired features:

  • Creates a realistic-looking path from one shape to another. E.g., if I were to give it images of a dog and a cat, the intermediate shapes would also have a head, four legs and a tail
  • Can cope with complex shapes with large numbers of vertices (1000+)
  • GUI or code/script-based both acceptable
  • Requires minimal user input in terms of selecting vertex correspondence. Because of the number of vertices, I can't manually assign which vertices match up in the two images. Although having to do this for a small number of points would be acceptable.
  • Imports (and can output to) mesh file formats such as .obj
  • Happy to pay for software provided there is a demo/trial version that I can test out first to check it will give good results

Platform: Windows 10

I have tried using Blender3D to achieve this (using Shrinkwrap modifier), but the results with my meshes do not look good. It's possible that by refining my approach within Blender I would be able to get a nicer result, but I am also interested in whether there are alternatives available. Or maybe there is a good add-on for Blender that would help me?

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