I am teaching a math class online, and screen share my iPad over Zoom when I lecture. I write all my notes in GoodNotes, and would like my students to have access to them. However, I do not want to manually export my notes as a PDF every time to upload, and I am concerned that a ~150 mb notes PDF (which is how much last semester's notes took up) will discourage the students from downloading them on a regular basis. Any suggestions?

Our campus has 1) Blackboard Learn and 2) Microsoft Office365 Enterprise Edition. I also have a personal website and use Linux on my computer. I'm not against solutions which involve e.g. automatic backup to DropBox, a cron job to add in the newest pages, and a pdf.js viewer on my webpage, but would like to take the easiest path possible. I am also interested in alternate software or workflow suggestions, but I will say that it has been useful being able to refer to material from a previous lecture mid-lecture.

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