Question posted by Steve Chambers:

There's a dropdown list on a webpage with numerous values in it. I simply want to copy these values into the Windows or Ubuntu clipboard and paste them into a text editor with one value per line.

Which program or browser extension allows the user to copy the text displayed in an HTML dropdown list?

  • License: any
  • Price: any
  • Operating system: Windows or Ubuntu

Solution using 2 programs:

  1. In Google Chrome, select the object and hit "Inspect" which will tell you where the dropdown is in the code. Then, right-click on the "select" area that is the dropdown, and hit "copy as HTML". [step from SU by killermist].

    Corresponding screenshots: enter image description here

enter image description here

  1. Copy the HTML code on https://htmlcodeeditor.com/:

    enter image description here

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