• I am looking for a totally generic system, administrable by the end user.
  • Must be free for commercial use.
  • Must include source code, which I can fork.
  • Must be server based.
  • Strong preference for PHP, could live with Node.JS
  • Strong preference for MySql as database.
  • Define categories of employees.
  • Assign tasks by employee category, or to an individual.
  • Assign priority to tasks.
  • Define “customers” (those needing the tasks, whether people or
  • objects/machinery, etc).
  • Keep records of customer, make available to whomever is assigned the task.
  • Allow assignees to request a task, then indicate when tasks are accepted and completed.

So, approximately, we have several categories of employees (administrable), and each employee in a category is equally capable of tasks for that category. E.g in a hospital, all porters can take someone ot X-ray, all security can do security stuff, etc - we don't care which one.

We try to keep employees as busy as possible. Each category of employees has a task queue, with priorities. When an employee is idle, they can accept any of the highest priority tasks currently available. The system marks the task as assigned and the employee as busy. When the task is complete, the employee indicates so. Of course, we need a way to add new tasks, and edit/cancel (as yet unaccepted) tasks.

Records must be kept, and searches must be possible. Reports will be generated.

Does anyone know of a similar system which I can use? I will almost certainly have to fork it, to add some functionality, but may as well save development and testing time by basing on something else. I like the idea of Flutter/Dart as a front-end, but am flexible.

  • Hi. Sounds similar to what i suggested here softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/62150/… apart from the "Allow assignees to request a task" requirement. In solution proprosed, they have to look at open job list or get notifications... – Z Z Feb 9 at 9:49

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