I have a list of words that have been used as tags to describe different posts in a social media database.

To consolidate this list of tags, I would like a tool that would highlight any words that are synonyms of other words within that list. I could then make a judgement call on whether to use one tag for all those posts.

For example, if my list looks like this:

"apple, road, banana, motorway, orange"

the tool would suggest "road" and "motorway" as potential synonyms.

I can see that there are API's that allow you to retrieve synonyms for specific words, e.g. https://api.datamuse.com/words?ml=road - so in the absence of a better option, I could iterate through my list and check it against an API like this.

So I guess what I'm interested in, is whether there are any established tools that do this sort of thing (trying googling 'synonym' followed by anything, and you get a lot of synonyms for the words you've added :-))

I'm on Mac here, but can run stuff on Linux. A web-based solution would be ideal. I don't have any budget :-)


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