My Internet connection is not reliable and I lose Internet connection often. I can know live Internet connection status by browsing to a site (google.com for example and issuing a search query).

What I am looking for is a simple android app which will check if Internet connection status is there every 5 minutes or so and produce a report (daily, monthly, weekly).

I can report this to my ISP and then demand a waiver or I can show them the pattern. I know there are many apps which will report live status; but what I need is some application which can report the status during a period (daily, montly, weekly etc). It means, it should persist the data so that it can generate the report. It should run in the background.

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    You could probably use one of the apps intended for web server monitoring and use a web server you trust to have a high availabilitiy (so when it's not reachable, it's more likely your connection broke than the server went down), or monitor multiple URLs. – Izzy Jan 13 at 1:34
  • you should be able to find such log in your residential gateway web gui – alecxs Jan 18 at 20:56

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