I'm looking for a free/open-source web-based solution to deploy on-premises that enables my coworkers to write a journal of what they accomplished (and possibly their impediments) so that everyone (especially teammates and managers) get updated about their performance and such and I can use it to extract knowledge later.

I don't want cloud-based solutions. I've already found several like that and they were pretty good but having it on-premises is a must.

I'm thinking of something with features like that of a blogging system or social media platform.

Solutions like confluence are fine but too much specialized. Other HR systems or PM systems have lots of other features that I don't need.

PHP or .Net is preferred. We have a linux cpanel host (only php capable) and a windows IIS VPS accessible from the internet and an ubuntu VPS only accessible via company network which I can setup almost every technology on it. But I prefer it to be accessible from outside so people can use it from home when working remotely or on the go.

Do you recommend anything?


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