Does anyone know a tool that can validate a list of domains(100+ domains) in one run?

Below are the sample list of domains.

enter image description here

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    Can you explain what do you mean by "validate"? – Michal T Jan 11 at 21:17

There the main open source tool designed to validation domain names (validation as correct DNS configuration) is Zonemaster (https://zonemaster.net).

The tool has a "batch mode" that can validate lists of domain names.

You can install it by following the installation instructions on Github: https://github.com/zonemaster/zonemaster


There is a tool called Domain Checker on RapidAPI platform. You can use this to check the validity of a domain. The tool has a "Batch Request" feature that can validate a list of domain names. But you have to use the paid version to do that. This tool may be a good solution for your requirement

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