I am looking for a software that can do the following:

  1. scan a folder (including sub-folder) for large files (e.g. > 30 MB)
  2. for positive results, compress at original location and then delete the original file (while saving the new compressed file)
  3. run on Windows 10
  4. run on a schedule

1-3 are essential. 4 would be a practical feature.

I have looked at backup software but it mainly works by backing up a file to another location (not the same location) and compression software (which doe not tend to have search and find features).

More explanation: in my Documents folder on my hard drive I have lots of files organised into sub-folders. I work in different locations so want to carry my files around with me on a USB stick which I can work from and then sync back to my main computer. I use SyncToy to sync between my hard disk and USB stick. However, some of the larger files (which I only view now and again) are taking too much space on the USB stick. If I could compress the files and delete the originals the problem would be solved.

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