It seems that the problem reported in this question about Mac and Windows not being able to access some files and folders created in Linux is due to bad characters hidden somehow in their names (I mean the bad is not seen, it's a sort of 'phantom': see the commentaries under that question). I personally think that such errors happened during copying, but that the bad results affect less Linux than the rest of the operating systems. See the end of my answer under linked question about a second event.

Trying to do the copying on a Mac the process was again stopped with an error saying something like some file couldn't be read or written. I guess it's the same type of error.

I have to start all over again and I guess I should do it in Linux, where I have many tools at my disposal and can most easily identify an error when it happens.

I guess a good solution for me would be a program (preferably on Linux or Windows) that would be able to identify and fix those names (and eliminate those 'phantom' characters).



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