Normally, I use iTunes when ripping an audio CD to MP3 format. However, I've run into a problem with one CD in my collection. The disc is clean and there are no discernable scratches. It's just very poorly balanced. When I try to rip it in iTunes, it causes so much vibration and noise that I was concerned it would destroy the CD and/or the drive hardware if allowed to proceed, so I immediately aborted the import and ejected the CD to make it stop. I looked in the iTunes import settings but could not find a way to force iTunes to play the CD at a fixed low speed (preferably 1X) when ripping it.

Is there a way to force iTunes to go slowly when ripping a CD? If not, is there another program on Windows 10 that will allow you to force the CD rip to MP3 to occur at low speed?

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MusicBee is a full featured portable music library and media player with ripping capabilities that runs on Windows 7 and newer.

It has among other features ripping capabilities using a myriad of third party or builtin libraries and methods. Under Edit > Preferences > Ripping you can set multiple options including a mode Quick Rip or Secure and also a selection of several speed settings.

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