I am trying to find a metric "Number of function Call Occurrences" in Freeware tool. Here is my expectation description:

"This metric specifies the number of function calls in the body of a function.

Calls through a function pointer are not counted. Calls in unreachable code and calls to standard library functions are counted. assert is considered as a macro and not a function, so it is not counted."

Here are some examples:

Example 1:

unsigned char   test2(unsigned char index);
unsigned char   test3(unsigned char index);

unsigned char   test1(unsigned char index)
    unsigned char   temp;

    if (0 != test2(index))
        temp = test3(test2(index));
        temp = test3(test2(index + 1));

    return (temp);

In this example, the number of call occurrences in test1 is 5 (test2 is 3 times and test3 is 2 times)

I tried to use the SourceMonitor tool but result is 2 instead of 5. Cscope is used in Linux. I am using Windows 10.

Can someone share some freeware tools to collect this metric? Thank you so much.

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