I'm in charge of a small data science team (3 data scientists, me included). We do our projects with at least one business person (PM) per project ( we have 5 of these).

We managed everything with meetings and emails, but as the number of projects and people keeps increasing, I find it necessary to have a proper management tool.

I would like to have something were we could, per project, add business needs (requirements). These requirements could translate into coding actions. One could estimate the time needed for each action.

It should be possible to then assign these tasks to DSs, and organise the priority to be given to each task. This way the whole team could see what need to be done in each project, what each DS is going to do after, and when each task is going to be completed.

I'm looking for a free or very cheap solution. I looked at Jira, but I'm not sure if it's a good solution.

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