I am looking for a To-Do-List-Planer for my Laptop, so either a Desktop software or an online-software is what I'm looking for.

I've seen this things built in digital company infrastructure.

It's a to-Do-List with multiple columns, e.g. Private, Project 1, Project 2, Work 1, Work 2 etc. In each column you can create cards with your to-do-stuff but you can also create sub-tasks for a bigger task. E.g. if I have to do a big redesign for my company I would like to structure it in smaller tasks e.g. website, magazine, logo etc. with sub-tasks.

Most of the times you can also drag and drop cards from one column to another.

Anyway, I couldn't find any online planner that lets me create subtasks, and of course time it, which is also free.

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Check Teamhood Kanban as it is flexible Kanban board which covers your mentioned backlog, task list, subtasks and few other points on top. Plus it is free!

Kanban View: Teamhood Kanban

List View: enter image description here



Here is an overview of the popular free kanban tools. Complete with a comparison of their features side by side. Hope it helps, since finding the right tool comes to personal preference as much as a list of features.

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Todo lists are for more simpler stuff.

What you need is something easier and that can manage task, sub tasks, etc

there is a project/tasks management tool called Asana

Its basically a huge tool with a lot of features.

what it favors you is its free for basic usage, which will be enough in your case.

It allows you to create

  • unlimited tasks list, with simple inline input, file attachment, and checkmark to complete
  • unlimited subtasks within a task and with individual due dates and checks
  • Kanban board, which in your case is for project 1, project 2, Private, Work 1, and can drag and drop task between columns
  • milestones to track progress
  • Assign team mates to tasks
  • Free trial for up to 15 users.
  • Real-time commenting on tasks
  • inbox for updates

with quite friendly and easy User interface and easier for everyone

also android and IOS app is available

view kanban board


Also height.app can be a neat solution for you.

Not only kanban board is suported, also chat in context, calendar, tasks and many features, with a very cool handling and great usability and moreover there is a free plan with unlimited members and taks.

enter image description here

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