I am looking for a To-Do-List-Planer for my Laptop, so either a Desktop software or an online-software is what I'm looking for.

I've seen this things built in digital company infrastructure.

It's a to-Do-List with multiple columns, e.g. Private, Project 1, Project 2, Work 1, Work 2 etc. In each column you can create cards with your to-do-stuff but you can also create sub-tasks for a bigger task. E.g. if I have to do a big redesign for my company I would like to structure it in smaller tasks e.g. website, magazine, logo etc. with sub-tasks.

Most of the times you can also drag and drop cards from one column to another.

Anyway, I couldn't find any online planner that lets me create subtasks, and of course time it, which is also free.


Todo lists are for more simpler stuff.

What you need is something easier and that can manage task, sub tasks, etc

there is a project/tasks management tool called Asana

Its basically a huge tool with a lot of features.

what it favors you is its free for basic usage, which will be enough in your case.

It allows you to create

  • unlimited tasks list, with simple inline input, file attachment, and checkmark to complete
  • unlimited subtasks within a task and with individual due dates and checks
  • Kanban board, which in your case is for project 1, project 2, Private, Work 1, and can drag and drop task between columns
  • milestones to track progress
  • Assign team mates to tasks
  • Free trial for up to 15 users.
  • Real-time commenting on tasks
  • inbox for updates

with quite friendly and easy User interface and easier for everyone

also android and IOS app is available

view kanban board

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