I have a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server), that holds text data in one of its tables. Text data are not in the English language. I want to create a new search system that would allow users to effectively search this text data.

I want the ability to perform search queries of some kind, something similar to "google search". I have found out that in SQL Server you can use full-text search queries, where you have proximity, generation terms and others, as is defined here Microsoft SQL Server full-text search queries

I would like some advice on an application/framework using different, perhaps better and more capable technologies that would allow me to perform search queries of this kind.

I was thinking about using ElasticSearch, do you think it's the right choice? Would you recommend something different?

  • I have not tested this with your environment setup but Grafana connects to MS SQL and it has a search feature in one of it's datatable plugins. So off the top of my head without testing, that is a different application hooked way to search a MS SQL table. I'm not sure it'll be better or more capable but an idea nonetheless. – Pimp Juice IT Dec 27 '20 at 18:48

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