I have used D3 for a while. While it is an okay plotting library on desktop but it is not very responsive. It requires lots of manual fine tuning on different screen sizes to look right. I have tried using a scaleable viewbox in svg, but then the axis labels are way too small on a phone and i have tried readjusting the svg on screen resize but then the axis labels have too many ticks to be readable on mobile (they are squished together). I get that its more of a query language than a plotting framework, but I just need to render a very basic line plot with a floating point Y axis and a datetime X axis.
I would just like some very simple plotting library that I can put the data into ({value:y,time:x}) and get a plot that looks the good on every screen, similar to pythons seaborn.
I don't need fancy animations or smooth graphing or other fancy features, I really just want to be able to run a time based line plot.
It would be really nice though if it had a built in feature to view the data for the last hour, 24 hours, month, year and all-time though, but it is not required.

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