After I delete photos with default Gallery application or other Gallery application I see that it's possible to restore deleted photos, thought as people explained me they not really restore photos, they just get them from somewhere (bin or other places). (see the related question at the bottom) I want to know, what application to use in order to not have that junk on a phone, application that really deletes photo if you said so, with no possibility for other application to "restore" it. Or which at least going to remove photos and store thumbnails in a single known location.

The related question.

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    Nothing to do with "junk" – that's how things work: files are marked as deleted. That's to prolong the life time of your storage, see Wear leveling. If however you talk about sensitive data you want to prevent being "easily restored", you need to wipe them (some apps to do that can be found in my list here). Note that the cost of that is shortening your storage's life time. – Izzy Dec 18 '20 at 18:07

I do not know for sure if this is now available on all phones or only on some. But over the past couple of years, I changed my phone several times, and they were all different brands, and all of these phones had a "trash" folder. That is, when you delete photos from the gallery, they are moved to this folder, where you can restore the photo, if necessary, or it will be deleted automatically after a few days. I also use some phone monitoring apps to help clear the phone cache. Previously, I did this on a computer since this was the only way to see hidden folders and delete unnecessary files.

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