I looking for recommendations to store and process (a little bit) tick market data from MT4 using ZMQ. I'm willing to store around 28 different instruments, but I have some questions regarding the design and type of database I should use.

What I'm mainly looking for is a good performance and don't have a very high CPU/RAM usage. For example, I would like to execute queries in 1-2 sec or less, while not making the vps explode. Also, and very important, at this stage it needs to be free (or extremely cheap). That's why I was looking at Postgres, for example.

A) Database: Should I use a SQL or NoSQL for this task? Or should I go for SQL and leverage from other complements like TimescaleDB or Singlestore?

B) Design: Should I use a single table to store all instruments and use the instrument name + ingestion time as PK and/or index and use the instrument name to cluster? Or I should use one table per instrument and just have the ingestion time as PK and/or index? What are the pros and cons of each approach?

Thank you for your time and suggestions :)

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