I currently have a Raspberry Pi I use as a Shairport Airplay Server. It receives music from my phone and plays it through the Pi’s audio port.

I want to make a program that

  1. Hears the music that’s playing (software-wise, not microphone; maybe through a pipe or something?)
  2. Performs or runs certain functions based on the song’s lyrics or cue

For example, say a song goes like “1... 2... 3... here we go!” Or something like that, I want the program to run a function (could be anything r/n, I just need to figure out the trigger) when the song says “here we go”

The purpose of this is there’s a Christmas song that says a certain word and the lights are supposed to turn off. I can turn them off by hand but I would like it to be automated.

Anyone know what’s the best approach to this? I don’t know much about audio processing python libraries, but I would imagine there should be something similar out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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