Hello everyone I am kind of lost.

I manage a website where we built a chatbot, and we would like to send a phone notification when our users receives a message. A lot of users do not check their emails... We are based in France and the notifications will be sent mainly in France.

We have multiple ideas to do that, but our time is very limited so here the solutions I had in mind :

  1. Send SMS notification to a phone number, easy to deploy with an API Twilio/Vonage but expensive (5-7€ / 100 notifications).
  2. Configure a Raspberry Pi with a sim card to send SMS, hard to deploy but not expensive.
  3. Find a generic app with an API who can send a notification push, I find a solution called batch but if you know another one...
  4. Develop a simple app who can send notification, hard and long to deploy but not very expensive at the end.
  5. Find a solution with a Facebook, Whatsapp, etc, API who could send a notification.

The notification is really simple, it's just : "Hello $name, you receive a message, click here to check it !"

What is the best solution between price and time to deploy ?

Thank you very much ! :)

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