I'm working with a large data set that includes demographics information about people (voluntary survey participants). I'd like to be able to search through this data easily, to find people that match particular demographics. The search criteria can be quite complex ("Men born between 1980-1990 who are between 5' and 5'3''").

The consumers of this data are not very technical, and I'd prefer they avoid writing SQL or any other query language.

I'm looking for a recommendation on software or services that can do the following:

  1. Connect to an ElasticSearch or MongoDB instance. Possibly Postgres if the search experience is really good.
  2. Provides a friendly UI for searching through that data
  3. Bonus: Allows users to save search configurations they've created
  4. Bonus bonus: Allows users to reference other searches from within a search

I'm not looking for a BI or data-visualization tool. Basically we just want to find people who match various (albeit complex) criteria. We don't want to chart or graph that. But ideally we could "click into" that data to see more details about the person.

There are a few things out there that I've found that are pretty close:

  1. Redash - Connects to ElasticSearch. Provides a query builder, and you can even reference subqueries from other queries. But the UI requires a lot of typing, and an understanding of the DB's query language.

  2. Algolia - Algolia has a query interface that allows you to add multiple pre-defined facets. It does a good job of understanding the current data's schema without much configuration. But the UI and search experience is mixed with a lot of other bloat, and would be hard for non-technical folks to make use of.

  3. Kibana - Kibana seems more suited for large scale, aggregate DB visualizations. Unless I'm missing something (please let me know!)

UX-wise I'm looking for something as friendly as SearchKit that can basically plug into an ElasticSearch database and, with minimal configuration, provide a friendly search UI that allows me to narrow in on specific records.

Anybody know anything like that out there?

Your help is greatly appreciated

  • One more thing - I'd be happy to hear any other terminology that can help with me search. For example, is there a standard name for a tool like this other than "data explorer"? – Jimmie Tyrrell Dec 14 '20 at 6:09

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