I would like to add a "call me" button to my website that, unlike most "call me" buttons on other websites, actually initiates a phone call (eg WebRTC or SIP, not actual phone lines) right there in the user's browser.

When pressed, this "call me" button would ring my phone (via CSipSimple or some other Android app with WebRTC) and allow me to answer the call.


  1. This is entirely an IP-based solution. I do not have a SIM card and I have no desire to use phone numbers or that whole traditional telephone infrastructure.
  2. Because it's just through the Internet, it should be free.
  3. The user should not have to install anything (the WebRTC/SIP/whatever implementation should be entirely loaded in the browser without needing an addon)
  4. The user should not have to register for an account.
  5. It should be encrypted. Ideally, end-to-end encrypted.

How can I add a "call me" button to my website that actually initiates an audio call to my mobile device through the Internet, without the user having to download any software (other than a modern web browser that supports WebRTC) or register for some 3rd party service?


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