I'm thinking about creating a certain website and I'm looking for a tool I could use (probably a CMS (Content Management System)?).

I would like to create something like https://www.imdb.com/ , i.e. a site which would be a ranking of certain products, with tags, ratings, opinions, where it would be possible to display for example top 10 products which were tagged by a certain label, these things. Additionally, I'd like it to be a social medium, where people can talk, ask questions on forum etc.

At the beginning I was thinking about hiring a web developer and pay him for creating a custom CMS. I'm not a web developer, I could learn something, but it'd be weak and not safe. But then I thought: wait, there are CMS, some are free, maybe something like this will be enough?

I've been considering Joomla. But perhaps there's something better for this specific goal. Both free and paid solutions are welcome. But if paid, up to 100 USD a year or 200 once a lifetime.

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