Our homelessness non profit Tap London has contactless payment units across London that collect £3 donations for youth homeless charities.

We have a live tally iframe that sits on our front page. We are now accepting online donations too. We would like the live tally on our front page to include the online donations as well.

The company processing the online payments said they could provide webhooks and we could take care of the storage and tabulation and adding it to the live tally.

Could anybody advise me on the best way to set this up?

Thanks, Katie

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    Welcome to Software Recommendations! Please note this site is about recommending software, not assets or resources like howtos, manuals/tutorials, etc. So for "how to set it up" this is the wrong place – for "which libraries/addons/plugins we can use" it's the right place but we'd need more details on your system where the "interface" shall be integrated. – Izzy Dec 11 '20 at 21:53

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