I am looking for a web real-time communication API able to perform one-on-one private live conference session, and it returns the duration and the participants at the end of the session.

I am trying to build a web app that enables learners and teachers to schedule 1 on 1 lessons between them and have an online teaching session together. The process goes as the following:

  1. A learner opens a timeslot to look for a teacher
  2. A teacher writes his/her name on that timeslot, a lesson is then created with an unique conference link
  3. During the scheduled time, both the learner and the teacher proceeds to the link to have the live teaching session
  4. After the session, the chat duration is returned (with webhook or something similar), along with the ID of the learner and the teacher.
  5. An automatic payment is made from the learner to the teacher based on the duration of the session

I am looking for a web communication API that could achieve steps 2-4. Google Meet coupled with Google Calendar API could achieve steps 2, 3, but I did not find a way to return the duration of each conference.

I heard that Zoom might be able to do it, but I have never used it before. Looking for some recommendations.

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