This black Friday I did some shopping, as I am sure you did to. Post the shopping, I ended up paying more than I thought for a couple of things, and Amazon of all people are telling me they cannot tell me if the "price" was different when I put it in my basket vs what they charged me.

I then had an order I made for something else get confirmed as something different from what I ordered. This got me thinking, is there an easy way of logging screens. Beyond normal browser history saving. I am talking, continuous recording of certain websites visited. Like Amazon, Shopping sites/ ecommerce sites. Something like a screen recorder.

But not Techsmith Camtasia/ Snag it, or Microsoft Snipping tool. Or other similar ones to that.

Maybe something like Rescue Time or Toggl might work, but is very specific.

Maybe a virus checking software could help?

Am I made for wanting this level of record? Did you have a similar issue across BF/ CM weekend? Ever? Thanks

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