Suppose I drew a cube in Blender. I can apply a material on it's surface which is in fact 2D raster graphics.

But I want vector graphics, not raster.

So, are there any 3D editors, which allows to draw 2D vector graphics on a surface of 2D objects? Not only flat surface, i.e. I want to be able to draw of the surface of a sphere too.

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I believe this is your question:

Suppose you have a 3d cube in the scene, you can apply a raster image texture on it and start painting. But you prefer vector shapes over brush strokes.

Well, for your knowledge .svg is a common format for vector graphics. But unfortunately, blender can only import svgs as meshes, not as textures.

But if its 'vector shapes' OR the almighty 'pen tool' you want to use, I'd suggest you try:

  1. UV mapping HD textures exported from a vector program. (example)
  2. Using the gorgeous quick edit method after specifying the file path to your favourite graphics program.(example)

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