I'm using Windows 7 (I know, quite old), but I'd like to find a video compressor to downsize all of my videos that I put on the computer from my cellphone (they take too much space).

Any recommendation? Thanks,


You can directly use FFMPEG from the command line, a batch file (or of course a python script), etc.

  • Free gratis & open source
  • Cross platform (it will run on just about anything from a Raspberry Pi up).
  • A lot of possible options to process your videos to make them smaller including:
    • Change compression on compressed codecs
    • Change encoding/format
    • Change resolution/rescale
    • Change frame rate
    • Change colour depth
    • Change audio sample rate
    • lots more including examining & modifying metadata
  • My personal experience is that recoding videos from some sources, with next to no changes can produce a huge reduction of size, e.g. Skype recorded Online 1 hour meetings being processed to remove the first few minutes of the "we'll just wait another minute for everybody to join" are often reduced in size by over 90% with no change of resolution etc.
  • It is fast on my system those 1 hour meetings take <10 mins to process
  • On the down side there are a lot of options but on the up side it has its own tag on stackoverflow with a lot of help there.

Once you have found a set of settings that work for your specific requirements you can:

  1. Put the command required into a batch file or bash script depending on your platform for manual processing with a lot less typing.
  2. Potentially use a python script, or similar, to walk through your directory structure looking for videos that meet some naming pattern and process them in background.

I personally use MoviePy as a front end for FFMPEG as I find that easier than calling it directly (but then again it has been noted that I am a python guy).

  • Very helpful thanks! – Peanuts Nov 29 '20 at 8:44

I opted for Handbrake and I'm quite happy with it. Free and Opensource.

I use Video Quality 30 and the results are good, the size is downsized around 80% with good quality.

The only con is the use of CPU which is obviously quite intensive. I couldn't find the option to batch-resize. But anyways, it is already a good software for basic needs.


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