I am looking for a solution to playback media (1080p Video, Audio) using a Raspberry PI 4, which is controllable (Play/Pause, Media Selection, Playback Start Position, Volume, Ideally "dimmer"/ Video-Brightness) using a network control protocol, ideally ArtNET or REST.

It's important for me, that it can playback the following formats:

  • Video e.g. (h264)
  • Audio (ideally mp3 or wav)
  • images

I want to use this for Streaming using an ATEM Switcher or for Live Productions and showing media on a projector or TV on Stage in a Play, so there should not be any on screen display. Ideally, there would be a way to fade out the image using network controls (e.g. change the opacity against a black background). If it could do layered stuff, resizing and repositioning, it would be even more awesome (e.g. display a Transparent PNG with a Logo on top, that resizes from a large centered logo to a smaller bug in the corner).

Volume, Brightness, (+ Size and X/Y Coordinates if possible) should be "fadeable".

and if two instances on two pis would run synchronous, it would be awesome, but not a hard requirement (e.g. one TV left and right on stage, which show the logo animation and then one fades to the name of the speaker and the other to a video with audio and a third one connected to the audio mixer, which only plays the audio of the video)

Is there any software that does this on a Rasperry PI using Linux (or comparably small and inexpensive hardware using Linux)?

Some notes for clarification:

  • the projector will be directly connected to the Raspberry Pi
  • media should be stored on that Raspberry or a flashdrive directly connected to it (not cast to it)
  • media playback shall be controlled over the network via REST or ARTNET or programmable Protocol which can be mapped to ArtNET (without ANY OSD overlays on the output)
  • network remote control needs to be able to change volume, start (at current position)/pause/rewind, ideally fade video brightness
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    @Izzy I've added a last point, then it's fine.
    – Tobi
    Commented Nov 28, 2020 at 3:46
  • Wonderful! Best luck then! I'm now cleaning up comments then.
    – Izzy
    Commented Nov 29, 2020 at 2:47


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