I am looking for a JS library which is gratis, even for commercial use.

I am trying to explore people who have worked with each other in the past (1st degree contact), or have not worked directly with, but have worked with someone who worked with someone, but elsewhere (2nd .

I am not explaining this well :-(


Bob & Alice worded at company A. Alice & Carol worked at company B (Bob did not).

Bob is a first degree contact of Alice, as is Carol. Bob & Carol are second degree contacts.

I do not mind massaging my data into a format that the library requires.

After that, I want the library to draw some graphics, to represent the relationships.

I can't really visualize what it might look like. A tree is something I could code myself, but not exactly eye-catching. Perhaps concentric circles, for each degree? But how to represent the people within those circles?

Since I can't describe the graphics, just the functionality, I am wide open to suggestions. Think of them as friends, rather than work colleagues if it helps (or 60s musicians, who seemed to switch bands a lot). Probably max 2 degrees of relationship "depth", but 3 might be interesting.

Something intuitive for non-techie users to click & explore, please.

Imagine I start with BOb at the centre. If I click 1st degree, I see Alice, but not Carol. If I click 2nd degree, I see both Alice and Carl.

If possible, I would like the library to support the user clicking on Carol and automagically redraw, with things now from Carol's point of view (but, I can handle coding that myself, if I must).

enter image description here

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