I always aspire to memorize all my five most-important-passwords:

  • Operating system
  • Main email client
  • Password vault (I never used one so far)
  • database root-user password (for the database on which I host my website)
  • The password of the online-service-account associated with my bank account, in my bank's website

Principally all of these passwords are comprised from at least 12 characters (letters and numbers).

Some passwords I store in a file in my (password protected) operating system and if I need to use them I go into that file, copy the password to clipboard and pasting it where I need; I do that mostly with "not-very-used" passwords which I use approximately once in a month, if not say once in a year.

That said;

I desire to start hosting my aforementioned "not-very-used" passwords in a password vault to give them a second layer of defense besides my operating systems password and to finally get acquainted with password vaults which several people I regard as information security experts recommended using or at least said that under some circumstances they could be very secure (public&&private key utilization as described below).

Please share with us your recommendation for a password management program ("password manager"/"password vault") which is:

BTW, this is not for an enterprise but for me a personal user (which might one day have some social enterprises).


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