I am looking for a bookmark manager that can help me store URL links. Requirements:

  • It should store at least the following fields: title, URL, tags, description, date added.
  • It should also be completely offline, and run completely on the desktop (either GUI, command line, or both). It must not run in a browser (i.e. no browser plugins).
  • It must be able to import existing bookmarks from web browsers without loss of information (including the preservation of the date the bookmark was added to the browser)
  • It must be able to export bookmarks for import into web browsers.
  • It must run on Ubuntu.

To my knowledge, the "buku" bookmark manager fails this requirement. It does not preserve the initial add date. Imports are lossy. Refer to issue #304 (closed, wontfix) on buku's issue tracker.

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Apart from buku, another one to explore is wallabag.

But I can't confirm if offline has now been now resolved. See old issue

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